Nor-Lake Scientific Cabinets are now Corepoint® Scientific Cabinets.

About Corepoint® Scientific

Our name has changed. Our product innovation and superior service have not.

As our world continues to change, Horizon Scientific, a Standex International company continues to change and grow alongside it. We are excited to announce the evolution of our Nor-Lake Scientific brand to Corepoint® Scientific, a new, premier laboratory equipment brand. This addition to the Horizon Scientific portfolio focuses on innovation and sustainability for the academic, healthcare, and industrial marketplaces.

Corepoint Scientific® delivers:

  • Full Suite of Purpose-built Scientific Products
  • “Beyond Compliance” Innovation
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Customer-centric Service

Our Impact

Sustainability Focused.

“Beyond Compliance” Innovation.

Corepoint® Scientific is keeping our environmental impact top-of-mind. Our products and technologies increasingly use natural refrigerants and deliver industry-leading energy efficiency. We believe this encourages innovation and results in us pushing our product effectiveness beyond standard compliance and regulatory thresholds.


Find answers to common questions about our new brand.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your primary account manager or Customer Service at Horizon Scientific (800)-648-4041 Option 141 or email

Why is Nor-lake Scientific changing?

As stated in our brand launch announcement, we are transitioning to Corepoint® Scientific as this new brand better embodies our commitment to providing premium laboratory equipment focused on innovation and sustainability for the academic, healthcare, and industrial marketplace.

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreement or contracts?

For most of our partners and customers there will be no impact. For specific situations where an agreement references Nor-Lake Scientific, we will be proactively reaching out to amend or replace the contract as necessary. 

There is also a that makes environmental rooms, are they also rebranding? is a different company and not associated with Horizon Scientific. You may continue to see the Nor-lake Scientific brand for environmental rooms but note that these products have no relationship to Corepoint® Scientific or Horizon Scientific.

Will pricing be different on Corepoint® Scientific models?

No, pricing will not change due to the transition from Nor-lake Scientific to Corepoint® Scientific Products. [CS1] However, as with all Horizon Scientific products, there may be periodic changes in pricing due to market conditions. All such pricing changes would be communicated with appropriate lead time similar to previous situations.

Will the entire portfolio of Nor-Lake Scientific products sold by Horizon Scientific be available under the new Corepoint® Scientific brand?

Yes, the entire portfolio of Nor-lake Scientific products will be moving over to Corepoint® Scientific. Additionally, we will be launching new and exciting products under the Corepoint® Scientific brand in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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