National Heart Month: A Lab’s Vital Role

Introducing National Heart Month

February brings us many celebrations—from the celebration of love to the celebration of National Heart Month. This month encompasses our hearts both emotionally and physically. Perhaps you don’t give much conscious thought to the pumping organ in your chest, but with every beat it empowers your body and brain in remarkable ways. This season encourages every individual to learn more about this vital organ and take steps towards a healthier heart.

At Corepoint® Scientific we recognize the importance of heart health, not only for individuals but also in the context of medical research and healthcare. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of National Heart Month, ways to get involved, and the crucial role of medical equipment in supporting heart-related research and care.

The Significance of National Heart Month

Heart disease manifests as a significant killer worldwide. According to recent statistics, “Cardiovascular disease (CVD)…accounted for 928,741 deaths in the year 2020.”1 Heart disease also regularly tops the charts as the leading cause of death globally, with millions taken by it every year.2 With this in mind, National Heart Month serves as an opportunity to educate individuals about heart health, encourage preventive measures, and support those affected by heart conditions.

Ways to Participate in National Heart Month

The Wear Red Campaign

One easy yet effective way to get involved is by participating in the Wear Red Campaign—a simple initiative symbolizing solidarity in the fight against heart disease. Encourage your employees to wear red throughout the month and share posts on social media to spread the message and increase awareness.

Organize Health and Wellness Events

Consider organizing health and wellness events within your community or workplace. Don’t worry about being elaborate—simplicity is best. Simply share helpful materials on heart-healthy practices, or arrange a basic fitness challenge to promote physical well-being. Many companies even provide a shared platform by which you can initiate these things. By fostering a culture of health, you can help prevent heart disease in yourself, your colleagues, and your friends.

Medical Grade Refrigeration and Heart Health

Laboratories are the birthplace for breakthroughs in understanding and treating cardiovascular conditions. Proper equipment is vital to fueling these efforts. Precise medical-grade refrigeration ensures the integrity of heart-related medications and samples, preserving their effectiveness for research and diagnostic purposes.

At Corepoint® Scientific we provide innovative and science-backed cold storage solutions specifically designed for clinical applications. Our refrigeration units are equipped with protective features such as microprocessor controllers and integrated alarm systems. Collectively, these details provide ideal conditions and protection for your samples and pharmaceuticals.

How Labs Can Contribute to National Heart Month

Beyond the immediate impact of your research, your lab can actively contribute to the mission of National Heart Month. Collaborate with local healthcare facilities, spearhead awareness campaigns, or contribute to heart health organizations. Connect with your community as a place to empower people with knowledge and direction when it comes to the health of their hearts.

Wrapping Up

As National Heart Month unfolds, commit to prioritizing heart health. Whether it’s by wearing red, organizing events, or encouraging heart health in those around you, every action counts. At Corepoint® Scientific we stand at the forefront of empowering heart-centered clinical research through our innovative cold storage solutions. Join us in protecting this lifegiving organ that sustains you every day.

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