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The Lifespan of your Lab Refrigerator: Is it time to say goodbye?

Signs Your Lab Refrigerator Needs Replacement If you’re wondering when to say goodbye to your old lab refrigerator, you’ve come to the right place. It can be challenging to know when your refrigerator is ready for retirement, but this article will help you discern the lifespan of your lab refrigerator and make a smart decision […]

National Heart Month: A Lab’s Vital Role

Symbolic Stethoscope and heart for National Heart Month

Introducing National Heart Month February brings us many celebrations—from the celebration of love to the celebration of National Heart Month. This month encompasses our hearts both emotionally and physically. Perhaps you don’t give much conscious thought to the pumping organ in your chest, but with every beat it empowers your body and brain in remarkable […]

Everything you Need to Know about Plasma and Plasma Storage

Blood close up

Introduction to Plasma and Plasma Storage Welcome to the world of plasma storage. Here we’ll dive into all things plasma—from composition and science to storage and preservation. To start, let’s define exactly what plasma is and why it needs specialized preservation. Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood used for specific medical treatments. According […]

Celebrating National Blood Donor Month

Blood donation donors during National Blood Donor Month

The Month to Donate Blood January always brings us a rush of “the new.” New plans, new dreams, and new goals for the year ahead. As you settle in with your coffee and calendar to map out the year ahead, consider adding blood donation to the list. This simple act has an enormous impact. In […]

Overcoming Supply Chain Issues and Delivering Fast Lead Times

Supply Chain Dilemmas from the Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic caused huge disruptions in the global supply chain, and one of the most impacted sectors has been the cold storage industry. Cold storage manufacturers have faced challenges in sourcing raw materials, maintaining production levels, and meeting the increasing demand for their products. This demand has led […]

Temperature Test Chambers vs. Humidity Chambers: What’s the Difference?

Corepoint Test Chambers

What Kind of Test Chamber Do You Need? A common question asked in the testing industry is—what is the difference between temperature test chambers and humidity chambers? And how do I know which one I need? This article will guide you through the answers to these questions and help you decide which unit is best […]

What Should you Look for in a Blood Bank Refrigerator?

Blood bank refrigerator

According to the American Red Cross, “nearly 16 million blood components are transfused each year in the U.S.”1 This enormous volume of blood makes blood bank refrigerators an in-demand piece of equipment in hospitals and laboratories everywhere. A blood bank refrigerator is a Class II medical devices that must be certified and approved by the […]